Hiring a Hardscaping Contractor Adds Value to Your Home


Many outdoor projects increase the value of your property in terms of resale, as well as adding everyday value by increasing the practical design and layout of your landscape. Decks, patios, walkways and fences – known as hardscaping in the renovation industry – add a particularly high value. Hiring a hardscaping contractor to tackle these involved projects boosts that value even higher.

Expert Designers

Many homeowners can design the layout of their deck, patio or walkway with relative ease. They know the basic size and shape they’re looking for, as well as the preferred material (paving stones, composite products, concrete, etc.), but hardscaping experts know the other design considerations that need to be factored in. Things like excavation, the proper base to include and potential drainage issues all affect the overall design of hardscaping projects. Trust the knowledge and experience of the professionals to come up with the ideal design for your property.

Skilled Installers

DIY installation is also possible for many homeowners. The internet and other resources provide detailed step-by-step instructions that can be easily followed in some cases. But if your property includes any extensive excavation (for example, leveling the grade or removing old patios, steps, piers or posts) you would be wise to rely on the skilled, trained installers your local hardscaping contractor offers. They have the insight to handle any situation and the tools and equipment to get your job done right on time, the first time.

Better Warranty Coverage

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of hiring a professional hardscaping contractor for your outdoor renovations project is the warranty. Investing a substantial amount of money into your home requires substantial warranty coverage, and your local contractor should provide you with years of worry-free enjoyment, as well as long term reliability for any future buyers. Get warranty coverage details in writing and keep that paperwork with your bill of sale or contract.

Hardscaping projects add value to your property, but hiring a hardscaping contractor adds the most value both today and over the long term.

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