Four Essential Lawn Care Services for the Fall


Winter may be coming, but spring is all set to follow and the lawn care services you put in place now make all the difference at that point. Consider the value of these four essential lawn care tasks before the snow flies.

Continue Mowing

Even though grass grows slower in the cooler autumn months, mowing remains an important maintenance step. Keep trimming the lawn as required and plan to lower the lawnmower blades for the final two cuttings. Your lawn care company knows how well grass responds to this trick, allowing maximum sunlight at the crown of your grass and optimizing growth for next year. Be careful not to trim too short or skip from standard length to a close crop; gradual is best in this case.


As you’ve probably seen around your neighborhood, many homeowners invest in aeration during the fall. This process of punching small holes in the soil allows for the greatest absorption of water and fertilizer over the lean months. It can be a big job, depending on the size of your property, and hiring a professional lawn care services contractor ensures uniform coverage with quality equipment.

Rake Away Leaves

Even though the leaves keep on falling, try to get them cleared off your lawn well before a heavy snowfall. Ideally leaves need to be raked up dry, as dew, rainfall and light snow wreak havoc on leaf piles, creating a suffocating blanket over your lawn that attracts all sorts of pests and disease. Use a mower to mulch the leaves, a blower to move them or a good, old fashioned rake to sweep them away.


Lawn care services pros and industry experts agree that autumn provides the ideal time for an annual lawn fertilization. Spring is excellent as well, but roots continue to grow throughout the colder months and need nourishment. Speak to your local lawn care company about the best fertilizer choice for your property and budget. The investment is well worth it come springtime.

Even though you’ve packed away the summer gear and are getting ready for winter, now is the time for these four lawn care services. Plan now, call your lawn care company and enjoy a healthy, lush lawn all year long.

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