Landscape Installations for Commercial Properties in New Hampshire


Investing in commercial property landscape installation is all about increasing curb appeal, driving up traffic, and improving business prospects. Whether it is a large retail complex, a corporate campus, or a private estate, outdoor spaces take up a significant portion of the overall property management budget. Consequently, it is important to hire an efficient and affordable landscape management company that can provide multiple services under one roof. We work with an integrated network of professionals, including skilled landscapers, qualified hardscaping contractors, and experienced water management specialists across the New Hampshire.

Here are some ideas for landscape installations that you may want to consider:

  • Plant selection and placement: One of the key landscape management challenges in New Hampshire properties is the winter climate. From chill, to fog, rain, and sunshine, every element may vary significantly between properties. The Difference Landscapes arborists will study the soil conditions of your landscape before carefully choosing the plant species, planting location, and spacing. The goal is to create a healthy, full, and vibrant landscape that is easy to maintain, and appears attractive all year round.
  • Seasonal gardens: Artistically designed, eye-catching flower beds can be the highlight of your landscape. With the right mix of seasonal flowers, suitable plants and shrubs, and hardscaping elements, seasonal gardens can help maximize your landscape management return on investment.
  • Hardscaping elements: Decorative pergolas, stunning water features, attractive sculptures, shaded seating, and safe and clean walkways or driveways are excellent additions to any landscape. These hardscaping elements will help in
  • Creating convenient walking, driving and resting spots for visitors or passersby
    • Enticing prospects and increasing traffic to your premises
    • Driving up business for the shops and establishments housed within your property
  • Water management: Besides installing efficient irrigation systems, certain landscaping or hardscaping elements can help reduce your water usage and increase your water management efficiencies. For example: Addition of retaining walls or borders for creating barriers and preventing erosion
    • Turf replacement through xeriscaping
    • Turf reduction by adding stone or concrete patios

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